The Icon Functions

Tap and hold on any one of the icons in the GigaBar, and a menu appears. Each icon shows a different menu, and each menu can accommodate 10 functions. That's a lotta functions, all available at once! Five of these functions can be directly activated, by Tapping, Double Tapping, or Tapping and Dragging. The other five are accessed through the menu.

So what's a "function"? Well, just about anything! Functions can be shortcuts to programs, or Control Panel apps. There's a bunch of functions already built into the GigaBar, like Screen Capture, and Copy and Paste, and many others. Any function can be assigned to any icon. Also, many of the Gidgets that can be installed into the GigaBar add their own functions, like the FolderView Gidget, which is one of the more interesting.
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