GigaBar Skins

If you want to give your GigaBar a different look, try some of the skins on these pages. To install a new skin, just do this:
  • Download the skin (a 'gif' file)
  • Copy it to the GigaBar / Skins directory
  • Select the Refresh Giga function
  • Navigate to Internals / Skins, and select it
Neil and the Bitstreamer have been our most prolific producers, but you can, too! If you can make a 'gif' file, you can make a GigaBar skin. Send us yours!

You'll have to right-click, and select Save Target As to download the 'gif' file, rather than viewing it.

Before this list gets completely out of control, we're going to try to bring a little order to it! Neil Faulkner's and the Bitstreamer's skins have been moved to page's of their own.

Neil's Skins

Bitstreamer's Skins

Holgi's Skins

Aqua Bar by Aaron Green

VTec by Daniel Yee

Primary Blue by Edgar Torbert

Counter Strike by Ouais

Counter Strike2 by Ouais

Aqua Purple by Robert Silge

Matrix by Robert Silge

BE by Ryan Gifford

4Grey by negg. Also, be sure to get the IntIcons!

Bujor 1 by Bujor Cristnel

Bujor 2 by Bujor Cristnel

Bujor 3 by Bujor Cristnel

Climber's Hand by Bryan Hansel

Earth by Bobby Morrison

XP CE by Bobby Morrison

Jornada 3 Icon by David Shirley

Jornada 4 Icon by David Shirley

Jornada 5 Icon by David Shirley

Jornada 6 Icon by David Shirley

Pocket PCian by Yahoo

Americana by Charlie

Wood by Charlie

LCARS - W by The Mad Wolfman

WinCE 3.0 by Carsten Schneider

Broad Band (B/W) by DaLo

Small Band (B/W) by DaLo

TNG by David Lindman

ODell by Michael Schoneman

Metallic by The Mad Wolfman

Line (B/W) by DaLo

DefBW (B/W) by Edgar Torbert

Band3D (B/W) by DaLo

Band (B/W) by DaLo