GigaBar API Overview

Transient Icons

Transient Icons are placed to the left of the Permanent Icons in the Tray. They are placed by currently running processes, and disappear when the process terminates. Like Dynamic Permanent Icons, they can be of any size, within reason, and are supplied to the GigaBar as masked ImageLists.

An application can Create a Transient Icon, Enable and Disable it, change its image by changing the index into the ImageList, and Animate it, by specifying what frames to use at what speed in the ImageList. See the BarDemo project for details.

The application can also specify the 10 functions that are assigned to the Transient Icon. These functions are handled quite differently than functions for Permanent Icons. The functions for Transient Icons return messages to the window that created them, in the form of WM_COMMAND. 10 strings, and 10 IDs (to be used as WM_COMMAND's wParam) can be specified for each icon.

These functions present to the user exactly the same as Permanent Icons: they are directly available through tap-and-drag operations, or they can be summoned through a Tap-Hold menu.