GigaBar API Overview

Sample Projects

There are several projects included in the Giga Sample Projects.

BarDemo demonstrates the use of Transient Icons. It creates, enables, disables, changes, and animates the icon image.

SmartIc manages a Permanent Icon that displays the current battery condition, mute, and connections status. Also, it provides Mute and Volume functions. For that reason, it implements two SBMSGSINK interfaces, for the Icon Maintenance, and the Functions.

WindMess install two functions in the Demo folder. Each function uses pszAltCommand to either A) send a message to the window of WindMess.exe if it's currently running, or B) launch the app, with the message contained as a parameter on the Command Line.

Setup is a simple implementation of Setup.dll that notifies the GigaBar that a new icon has been installed. That way, the GigaBar is updated immediately after the install finishes.