GigaBar API Overview

Permanent Icons

Permanent Icons are the images that reside at the extreme right end of the GigaBar. They're Permanent in the sense that they don't rely on a separate process running to be present.

From the user's perspective, the total collection of Permanent Icons resides in a tree structure, organized by the name of the Provider of the icon. These icons can be Enabled or Disabled by the user to determine whether or not they will appear in the GigaBar. Also, unless the icon is Protected, the user can freely assign any Icon Function to any of the 10 available function slots that the icon has. Thus, although it may be your icon, that doesn't mean that any of your functions are assigned to it!

Permanent Icons can be either Static or Dynamic. In the Static case, the image is simply specified as some icon resource somewhere. The Dynamic case is more interesting.

Dynamic Permanent Icons have an SBMSGSINK maintenance interface that resides in your dll. Through this interface, the dll can receive periodic timer ticks, gather information from the GigaBar, and update the image presented as the icon. The Clock is a Dynamic Permanent Icon, as is the included Status project.

Note that although these are referred to as "icons", the Dynamic Permanent Icons can actually be any dimensions, within limits. They are handed to the GigaBar as masked ImageLists, and can be as tall as 24 pixels, and as wide as you think the user will tolerate!