GigaBar API Overview

Icon Functions

It's in the Icon Functions that the real work gets done! Icon functions can be of several different types: Internal functions just activate functionality that's already built in to the GigaBar, and don't concern us here.

Windows Message functions send a WM_COMMAND message with a specified wParam to the first found window of a specified Class and Title. See the WindMess project for details.

Exe functions launch a specified application with a specified set of parameters.

Dll functions load a specified dll, connect with a specified Function Sink of the SBMSGSINK specification, and send it a specified command.

The functions also have one more trick: You can specify a Windows Message Function as the primary Command, but also specify an Exe or Dll Function as an alternate command. If a window of the specified Class and Title is not found, then the Alternate Command is executed. Again, see the WindMess project for details.

Several of these functions use MultiSZ strings for their implementation.